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Public spaces are for everyone, regardless of housing status. And every one of us should feel safe in those public spaces. This is how communities become resilient and connected. Boulder doesn't have time to waste on failed policy that doesn't deliver the safety we all deserve. Boulder must lead with real solutions to tackling our public safety, housing, and homelessness issues. 


'Safe Zones' don't work. 

Measure 302 asks voters to double down on approaches the City is already using. Enforcement-only policies like Measure 302 have a track record of failure: they don't enhance public safety. They don't decrease homelessness. They don't work. That is why our policymakers must be committed to advancing real solutions, not failed policy. 

It's past time to shift strategies. 

As voters, we need to send a different message this fall: By voting "no" on Measure 302, we reject devoting more time, effort, resources, and personnel to failed policy. We need those resources—and our policymakers—to be laser-focused on immediate and effective solutions to addressing homelessness.

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Solutions Not Safe Zones is a group of BVSD parents and Boulder residents. Our kids—and our community—deserve all the safety and protection we can provide. That means advancing effective solutions and rejecting policies that have a proven track record of failure. Boulder doesn't have time for bad policy. That's why we urge a "no" vote on the 2023 "Safe Zones 4 Kids" ballot measure (Measure 302).